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Often we need to pass a Resultset- a list of products, a list of students etc from a stored procedure in Oracle(or other databases) to Java, Dot Net, PL/SQL etc. Here is an article to show how we do so using RefCursors in Oracle Database.
A quick and dirty reading for Singapore, the little island nation with big potential.
A discussion of Rousseau's understanding of self-knowledge and its importance for human life and education.
A story of a couple who wants to know the future for their child who is the proof of their affair.
Here is a brief on the default Indexing pattern that Oracle Database uses
Meet the hero blessed with incredible strength, enhanced endurance and no matter the injury, has the ability to heal fast but whether there is fame or fortune attached, this superman doesn’t want to be a hero.
Composite Unique Indexes are required many a times while designing tables in Oracle. A brief about them.
The best quality that is not available in MS office and only in open office is that you can save your documents in many forms and especially in PDF form.
A Petrarchan Sonnet, following abba cddc and efgefg rhymes. It is a hypothetical oracle offered by the female Pythia Priestess of the Temple of Delphi, and the attended interpretation of the male Delphian Priest.
Predictions and predictors have always been part of the human experience. Their lack of credible accuracy seems to do little to diminish interest in and attention paid to them.
~as the prisoner blinks in the sun~Morrison~oh you strange fellow~thus spoke Zarathustra~Nietzsche~ if I started murdering people there'd be none of you left~Manson~ride boldly~ride~the shade replied~if you seek for Eldorado~Poe~
Paul, an octopus in a German aquarium, had correctly predicted results of matches involving Germany! This oracle octopus was a celebrity during FIFA world cup 2010!!
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