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When babies or small children lose his/her teeth too early, it might cause the other teeth that emerge to shift into the spaces that are unoccupied. Consequently, this can lead to abnormal growth angles. Anyone that breathes through their mouth might cause dry mouth to develop. This u...
Your teeth serve more purposes than just helping you chew your food. They also help you speak and help to provide some structure to the face.
On your next visit to your dentist, don't just get your teeth cleaned or filling. You should taking an important step for better health for your complete body. It is not a hidden fact that our oral health effects our complete health, but the relation is much important than many people...
There are some Dental care tips from Dentists in this article.
A visit to the dentist can be quite scary, especially for kids and even more so who have tooth decay. Many people consider a visit a necessary evil and grit their teeth and bear it. Everyone has practical knowledge on how to prevent tooth decay, but rarely think about it on a day to d...
Maintain oral health is important to avoid cavities and periodontal disease, therefore, regular treatment systems and choosing the best oral products is actually necessary.
The first thing we blame for the cause of having “halitosis” is a decayed tooth. But really, more than that, there can be other causes which we have never thought possible.
Tooth erosion appears mostly in children and unlike the complex and varying factors contributing to tooth decay, tooth erosion has a primary cause, acidic and sugary drinks.
An in-depth look at the causes of plaque build up on teeth.
Tips to prevent infection and "tearing" of a new tongue ring.
We all know the benefits of Garlic and how good it is for your heart but many don’t like the smell, however did you know that the humble Onion has the same benefits? Read on to find out more of this vegetable.
Oral thursh is most common in babies, although it can also be found in adults, especially those who are predisposed to infections such as asthma sufferers who inhale corticosteoids as part of their treatment
I’m very satisfied with the performance of Macleans white & shine toothpaste and I would highly recommend it. However people are from high Sodium Fluoride area or sensitive with Sodium Fluoride may need to be more careful.
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