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The medical name for bad breath is halitosis. One can get bad breath as a result of bad dental health.
Rеgulаr visits to your dеntіѕt and рrореr оrаl hуgіеnе саn help рrеvеnt аnd trеаt problems before thеу gеt out оf hand.
With proper care, your teeth and gums can stay healthy throughout your life.
Maintain oral health is important to avoid cavities and periodontal disease, therefore, regular treatment systems and choosing the best oral products is actually necessary.
The first thing we blame for the cause of having “halitosis” is a decayed tooth. But really, more than that, there can be other causes which we have never thought possible.
Tooth erosion appears mostly in children and unlike the complex and varying factors contributing to tooth decay, tooth erosion has a primary cause, acidic and sugary drinks.
An in-depth look at the causes of plaque build up on teeth.
Tips to prevent infection and "tearing" of a new tongue ring.
A French kiss is a big charming moment to joy on date. Select clandestine and anchored place. Maintain adequate articulate hygiene, and adequate breath. Make butterfly kisses at the abdomen of you adherent to abolish all-overs and hesitation. Add some array into it. Do not delay for t...
Your smile can mean a lot on first impressions. Save that smile. Keep your teeth healthy.
Having a bad breath is embarrassing. How your mouth smells can make or break you as a person. A good smelling breath can be your ladder to success and your dreams but all of these can be denied with a foul smelling breath. Here are the causes and some tips how to prevent it.
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