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Life’s like a love song. It gets sweeter when you’re in love. All you do is hear and talk about love. You wish you'd live forever, right? You've been eating all your life, right? Have you found a thing that's sweeter than love? And when love's gone, is there a thing that leaves a ...
Two children, lost and alone facing the elements of the cold night and the possibility of being attached by lions. Would they make it? Will they be found in time?
We may find our health by looking the color of our pee, according to Cleveland clinic that says we can find our health status according to our colour of pee and necessary steps to take health care.
I believe by studying pictures and paintings we can draw from deep within ourselves to clear any negativity that may be there. We can also express any deep sentiments that have never been said, but that do need to be conveyed.
The haunted trail includes haunted tales that are believed to have originally stemmed from the spirits who date back to the early Native Americans that once walked and lost their lives on New York's unsettled land. Due to popular demand, the members of the Genesee County Chamber of Co...
During summer, our bodies lose lots of water. Along with water, many vital nutrients are also lost. Our health suffers. To give the body the nutrients it needs, we have to drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Fruits like lemon, orange and melon can help you. Make a drink or have t...
Orange peel and yoghurt can be good ingredients to make an alternative cream to whiten your skin. Find out how to make your own skin whitening products from orange peel and yoghurt.
This is a recipe of a smoothie that will help to fight against Osteoporosis. to be drunk daily in the mornings before breakfast...
Short issues on what to do and what to eat when suffering from stomachal acidity or heartburn.
This is a recommendation on how to start the day with energy. The secret is in a morning smoothie
Cellulite is an accumulation of water and waste in the fatty layer under the skin, which causes lumps to form and gives the skin that horrible orange peel look. So what can you do to stop it? With some simple, affordable tips you could very well stop it before it even happens.
Fruits are an excellent source of energy and vitamins and many dieticians are recommending to eat fruits on a daily basis to lose weight as they are low in calories and high in fibre content.
Orange marmalade is good for health, now you can make it in your home it is easy and cheap to prepare it.
A story about a woman who sells orange and her life this is part 1 of this story.
Plants communicate using a chemical language,using scent as the means for sending and receiving information.Some plants vocabularies contain more than 100 chemical 'words' which are used to exchange information about pests or to call for assistance.
Orange pudding one of the delious food in puddings. This article is about how to make orange pudding in your home.
The five fruits Mango, Banana, Orange, Papaya and Lemon are good for glowing skin and fruits juices will clear the complexion of your skin.
A glass of orange juice can help in enhancing your skin, hairs and nails says by the beauty care experts.
It is good to use the Homely products like Honey, Ornge for betterment of skin some tips for homely use.
Nokia X3-02 is not as smart as iphone, but it’s suitable for people who need occasionally to browse internet when going out.
We can get more out of the usual fruits we normally consume at the market or groceries. Get all benefits from oranges.
Feng Shui is an art of arranging the articles in the interior and exterior of an edifice. Apart from necessities, it advises on several art forms which are suitable remedial measures. Common ones being wind chimes, water fountains, dragons, laughing buddhas, crystals, bamboos, bagua m...
A collection of poetry written by me over the last 20 years about the experience of growing up in the shadow of Ireland's contested border during the conflict known as the 'Troubles.' The poems evoke a time and a place where terrible things were done in the name of Irish freedom. It ...
Drinking Orange Juice has several advantages. This article summarizes the benefits of Orange Juice. Drinking Orange juice is very healthy. Read on this article to find out how?
This is my only framed work to date. It was purchased as canvas/floating frame together. I love the finished work.
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