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I draw the curtains of my room in Tower Mansion in order to get dressed for bed without being seen from outside.
The ghost-infested tavern operated from 1828 to 1855 where regular stagecoach stops delivered the many travelers coming through the area from distant lands to what would be a much needed break from rough terrain. A warm meal and spirits awaited their arrival.
Paranormal Activity at the Luxury Hotel Favored by Celebrities, Royalty, Presidents and Ghosts
Built in 1716, the Concord's Colonial Inn is located in Monument Square in the heart of Concord, Massachusetts just twenty miles from Boston. The Concord's Colonial Inn is renowned for having free spirited ghosts walking amongst the guests, almost as if they are a part of the setting....
Maine offers a deep history filled with mystery, intrigue and ghostly sightings, and the five midcoast Maine towns of Bath, Wiscasset, Boothbay Harbor, Camden, and Damariscotta are no exception. In fact historic sites that have a background for housing orbs, manifestations, apparition...
The 138th edition of the Preakness Stakes takes place Saturday, May 18, 2013, and according to horse racing oddsmakers, Orb will take one step closer to winning the coveted Triple Crown.
This is a summary of the supposed discovery of a strange round crystal like object nicknamed the Atlantean Orb. Discovered in 1970 in the area of the Bahamas inside of an underwater pyramid, the orb is supposed to contain strange properties.
Not having enough fun on Steel Sentinels? That must change (to a no).
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