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Ordinary when gone...Waiting at the cornerstone of time... sans all Still we can do nothing can we?
The last but maybe not the last of my collections, the ones that I am still collecting. Hope i get more.
To ask ourselves where we would like to go, is not only a vacation destination, but also what direction in life
Showing so beautiful fruit tray arrangements and watermelon sculptures done by someone from my hometown.
Do you consider yourself an average person or a mighty warrior? Gideon in the Bible considered himself an "average Joe" but God viewed him as much more. Read to find out more on how God can use average, ordinary people to accomplish great things.
A personality may be assessed as extraordinary by one may be asessed to be abnormal by another person. It is all due to subjective assessments.
This page is all diary. A teenage girl writes it down starting from where her brother's funeral concludes.
Salt is an inevitable component of diet. It is a sustaining substance used in preservation. From time unknown it has been used for preserving foodstuffs like meat, fish and vegetables.
A short excerpt on my life, involving work, school, and relationships
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