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A wine with all around class and elegance is this beautiful blend that bears a nice lucky number 9 in its label. With an ingenuity and improvisation from its winemaker, this one of a kind blend of a white wine, will cause a total revolution in your senses.
Talking about elegance and one of a kind class in a prime bottle of wine, is what this Estate Pinot Noir is loaded with. A wine made with all the loving tender care and is shown in every drop you sip of its contents.
Jim Bernau is a Winemaker/ Owner of one of Oregon's top rated Estate, one that has put this entity in the map for his out of its world Pinot Noirs and others varietals, elevating the quality of these wines and name of the Beaver State in the World stage of fine wines. Here is the chan...
Call it another masterpiece of a Pinot Noir from the Beaver State of Oregon, making it a bit difficult as a wine aficionado to select which will be the ideal Pinot Noir. With beauty of a red the Dobbes Family Estate shows off a very proud heritage and work of art in this delight of a ...
Oregon wine country is known for its one of a kind red wines, especially its Pinot Noirs from the prime region of Amity Hills. Here is where this little Portuguese Estate has call home for quite some time and proud producer of fine wines.
I am an interfaith minister with an online ministry. Can you help me sell my house to buy a church in a small town that has a vacant church, so I can expand my ministry?
Chateau Bianca is another one of a kind Estate located in the always prestigious and prolific for wine-making Willamette Valley. With one of their wines in this Pinot Gris this delight will conquer the most of demanding palates and without any disappointment.
Pinot's are a one of a kind trademark for the State of Oregon Wineries, especially with its award winning and top notch Pinot Noirs, Pinot Gris and this Pinot Blanc. In this Pinot Blanc, Erath Estate has exceeded the norms of fine wine-making with this out of this world white wine!
Oregon's rich wines come from one of its excelsior region known as the Willamette Valley, which its rich and fertile soils alongside its climate makes it the ideal place for wine-making. Very well for its Pinot Gris wines that are a delight like no other from this family owned Estate.
Stoller Family Estate never seems to amaze me with its all-around works of art, especially in its fine wines and with this label- I mean if these folks played baseball, this would been a homerun. Their 2012 Tempranillo is considered a dandy of a label as well vintage that will leave e...
For this family run Estate, excellence is among one its priorities and with its wonderful wines that lifts the ultimate of skeptics eyebrows. This unique Riesling that has found a new home in Dundee Hills considered a prime Real Estate for fine wine-growing and bottling.
I never been so fascinated and excited for one wine producing entity, with the State of Oregon making all sorts of headlines in the Wold stage of fine wines. I present to you anew Estate and top class sparkling wine in their 2013 Celebrate
Willamette Valley Vineyards is one top notch winery located in the Beaver State and very well a leader in its top of the line wines. With this 2013 Riesling this estate is making all around headlines for its quality and outstanding flavors.
Merrill Cellars is considered one little giant of a winery in the Beaver State. By starting a trend in fine wine-making and out of this world wines, this 2012 Reserve Syrah excels in its quality and elegance.
Rickreall, Oregon is where left Coast Cellars calls home and with a good reason. With the blessings of Mother Nature herself, this Estate is gaining an all around popularity in the Beaver State for its top of the line wines.
Since its beginnings in the 107ist section and nowadays in Major League Soccer. The Timbers Green Army have become one of the top and most supportive groups in all of Major league Soccer. Earning the title for Rose City Portland, Oregon as Soccer City USA.
A true classic of a wine, full of undisputed quality and extraordinary flavor’s in each drop you sip along a nice presentation worth of royalty and worth its value in pure gold.
Chiloquin is home to the Train Mountain Miniature Railroad. Chiloquin is a city that is located in the state of Oregon in the county of Klamath. Many people come to this city for vacation or just to visit.
With one of the best fans in all Major League Soccer, the Portland Timbers squad is getting ready for their first postseason appearance. Since their inception two years ago, with Caleb Porter under the helm the Green Army lads are poised for the MLS Cup. Let’s Go Timbers, Let’s G...
Grant Alan Acord, 17, was arrested Saturday, for allegedly building bombs with the intent of blowing up West Albany High School, in Albany, Ore. He is a junior at the school, located about 75 miles south of Portland, and was inspired by the Columbine massacre, authorities say.
It was bound to happen - hotels in Seattle are dreaming up 50 Shades of Grey offers. Read to tell you what they're offering and how much it will cost you.
The city of Portland is gearing up for its annual Rose Festival Parade, highlighting its 100th year celebration. This event will feature hundreds of rose species that decorate several floats parading in the streets of Portland, Oregon.
One of my favorite places in Portland, Oregon is Rose Garden. Spring is almost here and that means Rose Garden will soon be full of different colorful roses. Let me give you a tour inside this beautiful botanical garden.
This article tells about one of my greatest adventures in Oregon. Mount Hood is a perfect place to unwind while taking a vacation. It is a place to see and visit while in the state of Oregon. Plan your trip now.
Oregon took the victory on Wisconsin Badgers in one of the Most Successful Football Stadium known for College Tournaments - Rose Bowl Stadium
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