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When it comes to financial institutions in India, they are classified into organised sector and unorganised sector taking into consideration, the functions undertaken by them towards contributing to societies
More than packing what you need during the journey and immediately after the arrival, suitcases are also stylish nowadays that reflect the taste of the owner. A brief look at various type of your 'Luggage'
The original names for China were `Tien Hsia', (Under heaven) and `Chung Kuo' (Middle kingdom). Tradition mention that China enjoyed a rich civilization.
Is there a middle ground between the notion of "Creation" as told in the "Book of Genesis" as well as in other "Holy Books" and the "Darwinian theory of evolution "? Yes, the TRUTH! - James Cortez
January 1st brings in the new year: 2013 is here and I have made some goals/visions I would like to accomplish, or at least start this year. But, I need to be organized, so I have decided to write a list of the things I feel that are the most important to start/complete. Then putting ...
A blog entry (formerly posted in on the then, very trendy promotional strategy of companies of giving out planners.
Can stealing be a profession? It is, among some tribes in South India.
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