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this page talks about the origin and development of the ebola virus
Katy is gone. Daemon will do anything to get her back. He would burn the world to save her. But there is a lot more going on that no one can even imagine. Daemon will have to go against his own race. People will die. Will Daedalus be able to separate Daemon and Katy? But the real...
Do you love recipes? If you do love them and wish to publish them then there are a few simple rules that need to be followed. There are so many opportunities to make your work shine when demonstrating you culinary favourites. Let's face it we all love food, so why do a bad job sharing...
Remember when you saw the Movie Thor and saw the origin of Thor? If that is what you think you've been lied to by Marvel Pictures. The movie Thor had nothing to do with the Origin of Thor... So says Journey into Mystery #83 featuring the origin of Thor.
The poem provides an insight to the ancient Greek myth of God and Goddess compared to the new life thoughts-WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Origin of life on earth. Is it CREATED or is it a result of a long EVOLUTION process? Decision is yours.
Easter is not Christian, it predates Christianity and is a pagan fertility holiday. The Christian holiday is correctly known as Passover and was designed to often coincide with Easter to erase memory of it from history.
The history of English language traces back thousands of years ago. The English language has brought in influences of other languages through Britain’s history of world trade, overseas exploration and expansion. One of the many languages that had spiced up the English language is In...
Have you ever wondered why Santa's laugh is "Ho, ho, ho", or why we kiss under the Mistletoe?
Smith is such an ordinary name isn't it? well read on to find out just how much an impact this Common name has made on the world.
There is no wonder in saying the three major religions of today have the same father of history. Christianity, Islam and Judaism have Abraham as their forefather.Their scriptures have most of the stories in common.
Describing a saltwater cultured pearl, the kinds of pearls, their origin, production, quality and value.
Is Halloween an evil Pagan Holiday? Is Halloween Christian? What are the origins of the October 31 holiday we now call Halloween.
The engagement ring has been the symbol of the serious intention of a man to marry his chosen bride since 1477 and it is still as important today as it was then.
~as the prisoner blinks in the sun~Morrison~oh you strange fellow~thus spoke Zarathustra~Nietzsche~ if I started murdering people there'd be none of you left~Manson~ride boldly~ride~the shade replied~if you seek for Eldorado~Poe~
A humorous story about the origin of Zebras. This was a bedtime story I created for my children.
A fictional account on how Pop Corn was discovered
Every wondered how we got out our funny bones? This is a fictional tale I told my children.
This is a tale on the origin of fireflies. It is a fictional story that I told my children.
Some questions concerning evolution are now answered.
The English language have been used internationally for easy communication and closure of different races. But these races were also the ones that paved way for the birth of English.
A move that started in ernest to revive the ailing standards of christian spiritual lives has been turned to a safe heaven for all kinds of occult practices. I choose to call them 'The Neo-Pentecostals'.
This article looks at the origin of the name Horus.
This article looks at the origins of the blue crown in Ancient Egypt.
This article looks at the history of the name 'Syria'.
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