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Shrove Tuesday falls on March 04th this year, not only acknowledged as the eve before Lent, but also known by many as Pancake Day. Here in the UK, it is one of the varied traditions celebrated by men, women and children throughout the country, with fun Pancake races, fancy dress, and ...
St David's Day every March 01st, stirs the heart of every Welshman , woman and child, however far away they may be from home.. There is a pride and sense of community within the Welsh Valleys that flows through the blood uniting each and every soul to the beloved country of their bir...
The British Government, i.e, the cabinet of minsters and the departments under them, is a highly centralised form of Government.
This article discusses the origins of various company names.
"Highly evolved people have their own conscience as pure law." Lao Tzuu
St Patrick's Day on March 17th, holds a very special place in the heart of every Irish man, woman and child. It is a time of celebration, of honouring their rich Irish Ancestry..but how and where did it first begin...? You might be surprised at what history reveals..
When people exclaim that others have lost track of the reason for the season, in regards to Christmas, we must remember why we celebrate.
March 18th in the UK is Mothering Sunday. Some may say it is just another over-commercialised day that takes advantage of kids and adults alike, but giving thanks comes from the heart, not always the pocket. A fascinating insight into the Origin and Tradition of Mothering Sunday.. It ...
Origins of World Cuisines - How different foods and tastes came into origination
Surely Valentine Day is just one of those slushy days made for Lovers and Romantics everywhere isn't it? Ah perhaps today, yet it actually has a deep and historical significance should we delve deeper into its dim distant Past..Read on to discover the fascinating Origins and Tradition...
A fictional account on how Pop Corn was discovered
Every wondered how we got out our funny bones? This is a fictional tale I told my children.
Have you ever wondered how the teasing started? Why do people call those who are scared "Chicken"!
Have you ever wondered how flowers originated? Well this is the story I told my children.
This is a fictional story I told my children on how dinosaurs came about and what happened to them afterwards.
This is a tale on the origin of fireflies. It is a fictional story that I told my children.
A fictional story I told my children for bedtime to get them to sleep
Who ever said you need to approach your enemy from the front? Give Stealth a try and enjoy the benefits of absolute secrecy.
The Landsmeet is one of the biggest events in Dragon Age: Origins. Learn how to swing the vote in your favor here.
It's nice to have a bunch of guys clunking around in heavy armor to back up your team, but sometimes you just need the love of a good hound.
A party can never be too large, especially when the new recruit is a walking mound of rocks.
Wonder why Dog does his business all over Ferelden? This article explains Mabari Dominance in Dragon Age: Origins.
Did the Nursery Rhyme "Little Boy Blue" originate in the Bible? The biblical book of Joel has only three chapters and reading through them you get glimpses of "Little Boy Blue."
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