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This is a poem about the Christmas holiday for children and adults to remember about the holiday.
We are using white tooth paste every day, most of the persons uses tooth paste. But there are lot of other uses with white tooth paste. A list of uses are posted here.
Christmas trees have changed so much over the years and some of the changes are great while others are not so great.
Bicycle ornaments/jewelry are specifically designed for those who love bike races. They can be purchased by bikers as treats or bought for them as gifts. here are tips on how to go about choosing the best bicycle ornament for a friend or yourself.
During the recent years a large amount of ivory tusks and rhino horns have been confisticated at portal cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, and other Southeast Asian cities.
For gourd fans and collage artists, gourds are a wonderful venue to explore as objects of art. In this article I will show some of my own gourd works, and explain my techniques for bringing a plain old gourd into a gallery-quality work of art.
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