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Welcome to the grim world of the deprived Indian child! The future almost always seems to look bleak for them, and never ever rosy!
this page gives a short explanation of the effects of AIDS to the orphans in a place called Thika in Kenya. children who are orphaned by AIDS Go through a lot of struggles in life.
This article is part of the series on the Duplessis Orphans, children who were orphaned and experimented upon in despicable ways under the guise of mental health treatments.
This article is part the series on the Duplessis Orphans, children who were orphaned and experimented upon in despicable ways under the guise of mental health treatments.
This is the story of my grandmother and how I came to live with her. The story is also published in my book, "Picking up the Pieces: A Woman's Journey"
this page brings to light some truths that many don't know about the AIDS orphans
this page highlights how HIV-AIDS orphans have so many challenges facing them.
August, in Newfoundland is known for it's horrendous storms. This is the story of one such gale and of the terrible lost of life left in its wake.
Sally Warner's book, This Isn't About the Money, is a heart-wrenching real look at what can happen to a family hit by a drunk driver. The characters are flawed, but that adds to the drama and reality of this fictionalized, but very real-feeling situation.
I go back to my childhood days to bring back precious memories for the orphaned children.
An orphaned child came into my family nine years ago. How she became my daughter and I her "Papa" is a story of affectionate relationship.
Familia, a charitable organisation has been doing exceptional social service in the rural region near Calcutta. Here is a description about its mission and its various activities.
Watching a child actor playing an evil part in a movie is quite unnerving. Especially when there's blood, horrific violence and the child actually scares the viewer. In no particular order (because they're all equally evil little buggers) are the Top 5 movies with evil kids that I'v...
I have been away for more than a month, but I am back with great news. Since this is my 80th article, I would like this to be something special that will touch my readers' hearts. Enjoy reading!
My mother was missing from my home.After a few months I found her from a home for the aged.I went to the home.
This article is about giving our old and used things to orphanage and charity
What is pure religion as defined by James in the Bible? It might surprise you just who are the widows and orphans are.
Sometimes appearances can be decieving. This is a short story set in 19th century New England about a serving girl suspected of stealing from her employer.
Nowadays, people tend to give for a motive. Businessmen give others to gain popularity, to pump up their businesses. Others may give because they want to show the society that they are good men that care, though they are actually not. However, there are still some that do charity sinc...
When a mother sheep cannot care for her lamb, or she refuses to care for her lamb, the job rests with the owner. These lambs are often called bummers, bunters, or bottle babies. Raising them is hard work.
The problem with living on a farm is that people often abandon their unwanted cats in the country. The mother of two of my cats appeared to have been abandoned here long before my wife and I moved in, and was totally wild. This is what happened to two of her kittens.
For only a few dollars you can help feed and care or a whole village, not just one person. Learn how to feed a village for $42 a month.
Conflict, Discrimination and Poverty often takes away their education opportunities and their homes which puts a limit on their future perspectives
The way AIDS drains the economy of most coutries, decimating the useful members of the population.
This is a book review about the book they Cage the Animals at Night. It is an awesome book and also very touching.
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