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Birds love for their life. They do not change partners in the middle of a stream. They do not know about the fickleness of human love. And they do not know about the instant fancies of immature human mind that we call love. Knowing not this cost a Nightingale its dear life. That is th...
The story is about the story Nightingale and the Rose by Oscar Wilde. It was the first romantic, sad love story that I have read. The article has the feelings that I felt at that moment.
Beavers are Nature’s natural dam builders. There is elegance, industry and charm in a Beaver’s work. Perhaps, this made Canada to choose Beaver as its national animal.
A look at this popular adaptation from the point of view of the scriptwriter and director, and what it entails to make a film from an already published piece.
The history of homosexual/gay oppression can be traced back many centuries. In this article I am outlining what happened throughout history, and making a plea that people of every orientation should learn to live with each other in harmony in the future.
This is a review of the one man show by Stephen Fry at the Sydney Opera House, as televised by the ABC in October 2010.
Words to live by from the late, great Oscar Wilde.
Here I have given very useful tips to overcome writer’s block. These tips will make writer stress free against troublesome writer’s block. Writer can very well manage this period of writer’s block.
How colours can effect our lives and the way we can use it to our benefit.
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