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Poems that I wrote during my most recent manic episode. Hopefully I am able to share my voice and the light that can be at the end with others.
Two personal poems. The first is an ode to fishing. The second is an ode to poetry. Both quick writes. Thanks hope you enjoy.
This is a poem I wrote about my experiences with paranoia. I was able to find relation through fishing and repair within that relation. I have also worked through this problem and the anxiety it carries by bringing it to the surface. This poem should be read like you would normally r...
Winter brings in freezing cold temperatures, numbing cold and falling snow but for kids it’s a winter wonderland of snow for building snowmen, sledding and more. For us it means keeping kids safe this winter season.
This piece is an perfect example of the peace, beauty and enjoyment you can experience in South Florida's most remote and pristine areas. And also how "You just never know what might just happen!!! Enjoy! Only the best, Dan
The beautiful simplicity of camping and what lessons it has taught me.
Watch waterfalls thunder down the gorges at Robert H. Treman State Park in Ithaca, New York. Let's look at why hikers love this park.
The heat of the sun affects the skin of the body. Many people will find their skin turn more oily. It makes them look uneasy. Oily skin can be managed with proper care. Application of sunscreen, reducing spicy foods, can reduce the effects of oily skin.
Do you know what to do when your child gets stung by a bee? Here is a no cost,quick and Easy Helpful Tip to reduce the redness, inflammation and soreness of a bee sting.
This page will for the most part be, humorous outdoor short stories.
What is beauty? This poem describes beauty in the broad sense of the word. From human beings, to the effect that nature has on the human mind and heart. It discusses beauty in ways that are often overlooked in this modern age.
Having a hard time to lose weight? Want to burn those calories in your body? Here are 10 simple methods to burn calories at home without even going to the gym for a workout. These simple family activities are workouts that we usually perform at home, at work or outdoor without even re...
Summer is the season of more light and activities. It is the season of outdoor fun and joy. Even if the darkness falls after sunset, you may extend your summer fun with outdoor lights. Add some more light to summer nights and make it more joyful.
Looking for a different kind of summer outdoor game? If your kids are getting bored with the usual basketball and baseball they’ve been playing all summer, you might want to consider getting them a set of croquet clubs and teaching them croquet.
Summer is a time of fun. Kids wait for summer with great enthusiasm. Though they enjoy it freely, it is advisable to foresee the accidents. Summer injuries can be avoided with a little care.
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