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My relaxation time is in my bath. I eat, drink, watch movies, listen to music, come up with ideas, ponder, dwell, dream, reminisce, and wish, in my bath.
A vivid dream, but I remembered enough to compose. Should there be any budding dream interpreters reading this, would you enlighten me please.
For some people their lives may be just right - but for others they might want to change some choices they have made - if they had the chance to do so .
Roger Woodward went over Niagara Falls in 1960. He survives the fall, and his life is spared so that he can share the reason why he was spared. This story is unique because it is one that we can all relate to.
Very Short Haiku Poetry - Poetry with a message worth a thousand words
Masturbation is known as solo sex. It brings out immense pleasure due to the release of semen. Most people continue to masturbate in adulthood, and many do so throughout their lives.
Laugh as loud as you can.. Enjoy your victory as much as you want.. Do I feel great disappointment? Yes I do.. But now I am over it.. Will you go away and never come my way again? Will you??
A brief decription of the weekends antics!!! Wonder if next time will be more fun!!!?? ;-P
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