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Many fears that dominate the life of the individual, if he surrendered to it, and make it unable to exercise a normal life, and has hamstrung the participation of others in a social life together, because of the permanent and renewed concern to which, because of the panic attacks that...
This is based on the true story of a woman who experienced verbal and emotional abuse and manipulation, no blow was thrown, she was never hit but the effects of what she went through were probably as bad.
Recognize symptoms of depression and accept that you are suffering depression will help you to overcome depression.
Family life may be peaceful if both the partners respect each other, mutually understand each other.Under no circumstances can they be separated if untoward situation situations are developed. Both the husband and wife may be more careful about their sweet relationships...
When you set goals follow through with them and they can make some of the best times or even bring about more challenges.
Overcoming loneliness.At times we all feel isolated and alone Such times have to be taken care of
Part 1 of a story of courage, rescue and the inherent drive to love and be loved.
Normal adult blood pressure in the range of 120/90 mm ​​/ hg. While the elderly ranged from 130/90 - 140/90 mm ​​/ hg. Is said to lower blood pressure in the range -20/-10 mm / hg under its normal size. The measure applies to both adults and the elderly.
The major cause of environment pollution is the release to toxic chemicals which are formed as a result of the reactions carried at various levels.
I had writer's block for a long time in my life, It was like the fire in my soul just died.
No matter what - Don't give up , as God will lead you into victory if you keep following and trusting Him ....He will.
But there are other solutions, that you can cope with a fever through the consumption of food that contains no chemicals. Neutralize the food, feed and filter that does not contain chemical substances is a good solution. Because the chemicals have a profound effect on the development ...
What can we do about jealousy? Are we going to let the "green-eyed monster" devour us or are we going to "kill" it?
Expressing emotions, be it a feeling of sadness or happiness is stressful. It may be harmful to hold back tears as crying is a kind of consolation and is never to be considered a solution to any problem.
This is a short poem that discusses the Truth of our existence that so many are incapable or unwilling of accepting. There is a Judge and there is judgement. There is good and there is bad. Against our will shall we be forced to choose. This choice and the significance that it has ...
Every writer in the infant stage has to face five demons that threaten them to go back. They are the writer’s blocks which discourage writers. If you are persistent in banishing them, you are sure to become a good writer.
Alex and Lillian get married but little do they know that trouble brews as she comes closer to having the baby.
It should also be remembered that some nervous tensions are natural. There are those people who says that nervous tension shown from a speaker is a good sign since it shows a great respect to his or her audience. However, the speaker should overcome this tension in order to deliver th...
Personal Tips in overcoming child's fear on animals.
When a person has a positive mental health, it does not mean that he/she does not have problems. Problems are always a part of life. How you solve your problem or problems in a positive way is the key to a healthier life.
There are few factors and parameters, which work out while finding ways to overcome fatigue issues. Fatigue is real and troublesome sometimes when it is caused due to seasonal or chronic allergies.
Essay about how I overcame my severe anxiety and Panic Disorder and learned to live again.
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