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Many consumers are not aware that a person can over dose on over the counter medications. Most consumers do not measure the medication levels they are taking altogether. They do not include over the counter medication with prescription medication in their calculations.
This is a very candid, open and honest reflection of my past struggle I have had for the majority of my adult life with various drugs.
What if a patient suffers an overdose? Here are four things you may do when experiencing overdose
Giving insulin injections does not require a degree in veterinarian medicine but you need to know how to choose the proper syringe for the type of insulin and insulin dosage being used.
Behind the flashing lights, pyrotechnics, oiled muscle men and large breasted swimsuit models of professional wrestling; that so many people love enough to spend many hours a week and hundreds of pounds/dollars to follow; lies the sad fact that this industry is broken and needs rather...
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