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• Food should have a pleasant taste while it’s being eaten, but should not taste afterward. If it does, it is a sign of indigestion following overeating, or else it indicates improper combinations or very poor cooking. Possibly the food was taken when there was no desire for it, w...
Humans view the subject of eating from the wrong angle. We should eat to live but many of us eat to die. We advocate temperance and even abstinence in the use of those things which do not appeal to our own senses, but most of us are far from being temperate in our overeating.
Enjoy Your Food Without Falling In Love With It. Tell those comfort foods ~ SHUT UP & Leave Me Alone.
What causes a die-hard compulsive binge-eater to suddenly stop binging and eating every sweet within fifty yards? The story of how I left that pattern behind and replaced it with something far more powerful.
Fat belly is a worrying problem among most of the modern Americans. They want to shed their belly fat but many of them do not succeed. They have to change their diet style if they want to succeed.
It happens to the best of us: we overindulge at Thanksgiving dinner, and again with leftovers. So how can we do things differently next year to stay a little healthier but still enjoy the celebrations at Thanksgiving?
To many people, the holidays are a time of temptation enticing them to overindulgence in unhealthful food, but all is not lost just because you blew it at the holiday meal.
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