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An OFW life abroad is both a challenge and a fulfilling experience. Earning money for oneself, for the family, and for the county is vested with tons of pains, heartaches as well as triumphs and sheer joy.
12 major ports and 139 minor working ports in India. Major ports are the direct responsibility of Central Government while minor ports including the intermediate ports fall in the concurrent list of the Indian's Indian Constitution and are managed and administrated by the respective m...
A relationship is sometimes not ruined by one another's indifference. Sometimes, it is the society that pushes one to make a mistake. Circumstantial? Probably.....
Now days higher studies are necessary to get a sought after jobs. But it takes a lot of money to study in the well known universities without scholarships. But there is no better investment on studies than any thing else. So how to get loans from banks.... read on to find more
It had been 25 years since I'd seen Sue & Marsh. Or more realistically, since they had seen me! I was 27 and about to reconnect with some long lost family friends overseas.
You want to travel, but you are afraid of the adaption process you will face in another culture? Learn some fun and easy ways to acculturate to a new society.
Things you should know before traveling overseas. These are ways to prepare and make your journey a little easier.
Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University, Japan, released the 2011/2012 academic scholarship period for the International Doctoral Program, Division of Energy Science. This scholarship program is financially supported by the Japanese Government.
Questions on how to move to an international location.
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