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Imagine standing in your bathroom having a conversation with two wild birds, a Secretary Bird and an Owl. What you don’t realize is that they are sent with a message from God, it’s time for someone in your family to come home. You missed the point and thought you could stop it f...
There are more Dangers in jogging then you might think, especially if you live in Salem Oregon, where there are dangers in the park.
My work complete – I say my good-byes and am heaven bound..
Well here is a piece of folerol which I love but a message contained within which I so often do on my pages...a wise old owl, stupid sheep and senseless others gathered under one roof...ha ha
This is the fable of White Buffalo, as told by the Great Spirit of all time.
Why is an OWL ...a symbol of intelligence ..If you really want to know then read this owlish poetry
Soaring higher and higher into the sky, these birds of prey will gain a height advantage over its prey and use its blinding speed to catch other animals. Most birds of prey have to kill other animals just to survive.
That was quite some reflection on the past Kevin just did, and he closes his journal. Good heavens, such a lot has happened in life. And it's not over yet, but right now he can see the sun over in the West setting as it does, while the sound of the Night Train can already be faintly...
Owl's cafes are new trend in Tokyo Japan, the living birds Owls are in cafe to attract the customers. Some cafe people allow the customer to touch the birds.
Long Eared Owls are not as big and slimmer than Tawny Owls. Their long feathered ear tufts differentiate it from the like Short Eared Owl. The Long Eared Owl is hard to discover because of its disguise. Its markings seem about perfect when seen roosting against a rugged barked tree.
Owl - a bird with large round head, large telescopic eyes, powerful hooked beaks and the feathers round the image disposed in a circular form, yes, it is unquestionably a strange bird!
The owl, in modern western culture is associated with wisdom, the fox with cunning. Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and is linked to the image of an owl whereas folk tales abound involving the sly old 'Renard'. We have both traits, but do we allow one to dominate the other? Thi...
Poem about animals; help look after them to keep them around for years to come
I wonder so many things about how and who we used to be.
Why won’t our leaders stand up to the usurper, who trounces on everything Constitutional, and wants to change everything good about a great country? The should grow one pair to at least share in Congress, and quit being the ninny-babies they are – just grow a backbone!
Miss Amy smith is giving training to the Owls to recognize six essential colours with codes from A to F to pick up and deliver the mails at a distance of area covered two kilometers.
the night is always an enchanting experience with vivid realms of life. the hoot of a owl reminds many thins it begins at the very childhood. why it is 'Howls?' that quest burst to mixed memories and thoughts
this is a convoluted piece on a well known piece told in a different way...a very different i or like it still gets written a tale to tell...
It is a long poem about the loyalty and betrayal.It will be liked by all who will read it with heart and mind.
My wife and I had been on vacation (to Vancouver) and arrived home to see a huge owl sitting on a post in our back pasture. I got the camera to take some photos. The owl flew to another post, then to a tree. If I had a better camera (and was not so tired from the holiday) I am sure...
Two contrasting seasons bring the same inner peace to my woodland home as night approaches...
This is the time of year when we ‘deck the halls with boughs of holly’. This is the time of year when we’re all brimming over with festive cheer. This is the time of year when I can wish all my new-found friends on Wikinut a happy fairy-tale Christmas...and a bright and beauti...
Owl is more or less connected to the myths in all countries.. when hoots and i feel many times it as a howling.. remembering the endless sins
~ or just another lost angel ~ city of night~ Jim Morrison ~ thus they experience miracles & rebirths & hear the voices of angels ~ Nietzsche ~ I was playing with some hell’s angels that you don’t know nothing about ~ Charles Manson ~ a love that was so strong even the angels wer...
~clouds & struggles~lamerica~nighthawk~Morrison ~gold blinking in your night eye~Nietzsche~I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles~Manson~from grief & groan to a golden throne~Poe~
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