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Long gone are the days where families stayed in one area, families are scattered...sometimes from one coast to another. Sometimes even meeting new family members.
All of those who live In continuously cold climates , or if they experience cold during winter, think nothing of bringing out the fleece and not realize how fleece ruins the environment.
A study conducted by Old Dominion University and the University of Colorado Boulder reveals that sea levels in the tropical Pacific Ocean are set to continue ascending due to human activity.
In 1979, Republic of the Marshall Island or Marshall established and an agreement Compact of Free Association with the US was signed, which came into force in 1986. Republic of the Marshall Islands (alternative name: Marsyal) is an Island nation located in the Western Pacific Ocean. I...
I am sure many of have been already know about Pacific Ocean, but not necessarily all of us certainly know more about it. Therefore, in this article I try to share glance information about. Pacific Ocean contains about 25,000 Islands (more than the number of islands that are in the oc...
Lighthouses are amazing structures that possess a magical effect that attracts you in due to their appealing nature and peaceful setting. Several of these coastal beacons, still standing today are hundreds of years old and abundant with maritime stories, often hidden deep within its n...
This might be called a piece of whimsy...about the wonderful bells of London town and the many village church bells around the Kingdom of Brits...I wrote it when house and cat sitting in Malibu and i think it is lovely....enjoy
Wisdom of age brings many lessons that I share although some hate what I do as I have found out from my friends continue I will to write the way I do and always will...enjoy...
The far Pacific..Life when viewed from a remote distance just as the horizon has it's own charms
Poems about Oceans, a haiku about hurricanes, and a childrens bedtime poem you should read to your kids at night.
The exalted Las Alamandas – nestled upon a famed Pacific coast; woven by exotic buildings, flora and light – offers a romantic sanctuary for the discriminating traveler. Escape within a gracious billionaire’s Mexican hermitage.
New Zealand is one of the best tourist destination in Pacific Ocean, that caters to a variety of travellers from all over the world
This is my third article in a series of four articles looking at places on earth, that owe there existence to volcanic activity. This article as the title indicates is about Easter Island.
What I need to run an Internet site? Do I have to pay something to get my site on the Internet?
Luther's love of freedom, Spain's love of greed, and Mexico's innocence brought together the vision of liberty which the West craved. The interesting behavior of the Turks, the dreamers of Europe, and the boldness of explorers threw the shackle irons into the furnace.The Russians and ...
The battle of Midway was a classic clash of the carriers and resulted in a colossal defeat for the Imperial Navy.
Being the wife of a military man meant traveling the world and finding a life of adventure and memories...
Costa Rica is also one of the major tourist destinations on earth and thousands of visitors arrive each year to behold the many treasures the country has to offer.
Global warming is a result of human callousness. Sea levels are rising due to global warming. This may result in many islands disappearing into the sea.
A brief overview of ten vacation destinations situated around the Pacific 'Ring of Fire'
The serene beauty of our ocean has become a plastic soup over years of abuse. What to do and how to stop it from getting worse.
Count your near/dear relations or count your total strength of your class/section, approximately may be 50.The country with the same number of inhabitants that is called Pitcairn Islands
Magellan observed wind direction and ocean tide and conceived the idea of a passage to the west (across America to reach the Spice Island).
If you have never heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch you are not alone. Many people have argued its existence since there are no satellite pictures. In fact, although it was predicted to exist in 1988, it wasn't until Charles Moore actually sailed into it in 1997, that people ...
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