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A different take on the love that is highlighted during Valentine's Day. An exploration of the meaning of self-love.
Because of my pentacle, which I refuse to hide, I tend to get pamphlets handed to me, I give them back to the one who gave it to me with a polite no thanks. I don't need to be saved or anything and am perfectly happy on the path I'm following.
A bit late for this years solstice but a good starting point for my eightfold Year sequence which celebrates the pagan cycle of the seasons as celebrated by the celts and Gothic tribes of northern Europe. This poem is not about the solstice specifically but the everlasting cycle of li...
Partial truths live in the neighbourhood of truth and, therefore, delude many. These partial truths become more dreadful than whole lies as mediocre minds are incapable of filtering the truth out of them. Rationalising with those having half-baked minds, incapable of discrimination, i...
Christmas is under attack with the politically correct thought police banning everything that might offend anyone and scientists saying Christmas Cards are unscientific but us pagans have a way of surviving. Good Yule everyone. There are a few notes on names of full moons, another pa...
A reflection on a speech made by Vaclav Havel the atheist poet and former President of the Czech Republic in which he denounced the godless civilization. A surprising point on view for an atheist? Not really, few of us older hands take the binary view of younger, more militant atheist...
Easter is not Christian, it predates Christianity and is a pagan fertility holiday. The Christian holiday is correctly known as Passover and was designed to often coincide with Easter to erase memory of it from history.
At a time when the end of winter is in sight, and the first signs of spring, the pagan festival of fire takes place.
This is a brief introduction to the Wiccan Religion and how it attracts the attention of most people.
How many Pagan rites and rituals have been incorporated into the Christmas Celebration.
A short examination of the history and culture of the Eastern European nation Estonia.
~ wild sounds in the night ~ ~ angel siren voices ~ Jim Morrison ~ as a moral lion ~ roar before the daughters of the universe ~ Nietzsche ~ then you say how bad & even killers, your children are ~ Charles Manson ~ for the heart whose woes are legion ~ Poe ~ who loves ya ~ shotgun ~
~We are an old tree~small & wizened~gnarled~our children~flowers at our feet~A soft wind lifts their hair petals~Rain joins the smiles of our tears~
Schoolgirl behaviour from Grown Ups who should know better!
While many states across the U.S. debate the legalization of marijuana, there is a long-standing relationship between marijuana, religion, and medicine of which many are unaware. This article explores that long and enduring history.
How true that word is sharper than sword? Our history tells that Magellan used swords to propagate Christianity. Makdum, an Arabian missionary used his persuasive powers to introduce Islam in Philippines.
The new discovery at Stonehenge offers more confusion for Archaeologists and Visitors alike.
The Easter egg is it all its cracked up to be? We unscramble its history.
Some time ago, I was asked to write about my faith for a New Zealand Magazine. It was an interesting exercise, so I've decided to offer it up again here.
Being Pagan in the Southern Hemisphere can be a journey filled with confusion.
People have said all sorts of things about Christmas and its paganity. They end up by throwing baby Jesus out with the bath-water. The Bible answers a lot of the objections that people have about this festival as there are similar festivals in the Bible.
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