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There are two ways from which one can earn by writing articles, i.e. upfront payment and page views. The article below discusses about the pros and cons of both the earning methods.
Here is my public diary for consumption and critique. I hope you enjoy reading.
Titanoboa is not only a single snake, there are other snakes and animals bigger than Titanoboa. which are not found yet.... and became a hidden mystery for us.
Don't be addicted of these drugs avoid it when you need not of it.because these drugs may be harmful for your body if yo take without any problem.
My 180 days page views average of 200 views per page for my 15 pages at Wikinut. This shows everyone on Wikinut what high quality contents will do without interactions on Wikinut but having my views comes in from my niche audience and Google search alone. I have earned $0.20 on my 15 ...
Information to newbies on Wikinut about your pages and earnings here with an example of my 14 pages and 0.105 british pound on June 26, 2014. This is to give you some clear understanding about your writings on Wikinut.
“In life, as in knitting, don't leave loose ends. Take the time to thank the people who matter in your life.” ― Reba Linker, Follow the Yarn: The Knitting Wit & Wisdom of Ann Sokolowski
In addition to attracting visitors to the website the business must make sure that they do not bounce away quickly to another site. Visitors must be drawn into the site by interesting content and clear links.
Why should I read your article? It all starts with the title it is the first place I am going to scrutinise your work and see whether it is worth reading or not. What makes a good title? This is an important question that every writer should consider, but too many create poor or unima...
learn to inrease your money with more traffic, its not fast things but it is going to earn you lots of money doing that.
How to make more page views and reach the milestone
Online writing jobs are one the fastest growing forms of publication for freelance writers, but to be considered for a job, you must first have an online writing portfolio. This article will provide valuable tips on how to give your portfolio a jumpstart with a lot of page views.
Picking catchy titles for your articles is essential to making money with Internet Writing! It also can be the most time consuming first step to writing a good article. However if this step is skipped your articles will not get the desired views!
Star Pages are Wikinut’s way of mentoring our writing efforts to help us improve our articles/pages. Exactly how does one get a “Star Page?” Along with my review of the basic principles, I hope to shed some new light on this subject!
Are you heard about ""website? is a free URL shorter site which gives money when every visitor visits our shortened URLs. We can earn up to 4.00$/1000 views.
Web Content writing is more difficult than you think, but it can also be extremely rewarding. Not for the lazy or get-rich quick types, the content producer must constantly produce interesting and informative content while possessing the patience of Job.
A humorous look at what could happen to a well-meaning Web Writer who's desperate for more page views.
Incorporating Google Adsense account to your own site is foolproof. Application is easy which can take a little over two weeks. Millions now have their own accounts, but not everyone reaches a decent target enough to earn even just the minimum payout of $100. How can you effectively i...
Dated this day, the 9th day of the month of June, of year 2011, the total number of page views of wikinut jak2010 stands at 666.
I felt up to a challenge, and wanted to write an article on personal tastes...Poetry or articles? Reviews or 'How to' Guides....It is all down to whatever 'Floats your Boat'....
When you are trying to work on driving more traffic to your blog, do one of the following.
There are lot of things to take care of while trying to establish by making money online. When you are blogging for money you will find that page views or page impressions is one of the most valuable criteria to evaluate the page ranking, and this is entirely different from traffic or...
I have written other articles on tags and tagging, and other ways of improving SEO, but tags seem to be one of the ones most people still have problems with, and as such I have created this short article as well.
Page views are important to all freelance writers. Writers should use great keywords and learn as much as possible about SEO. A discussion about the page views from Triond, Bukisa, and Associated Content, and Wikinut.
A quick quide to Wikinut badges; the ways in which you can earn them and what they mean.
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