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I recently wrote a Wikinut page about a home hair dye disaster, I spent about 1 hour on it. In the following 2 months it has generated money, attracted comments and become popular on Google. I've gathered my advice so you can enjoy similar (or better) results.
It is the main tact which can get you approved and published in article writing sites. Writing sites are dear to me and many others who have something in their mind -true something-that cannot be expressed in the newspapers due to some covert reasons. There are many sites that do not...
Check your web page. Are you getting enough visitors? Now you can by doing one or two things like SEO and site submission. Check out where you can submit your websites.
A sweet melange to fill your heart with joy for as I created this I experienced each nuance. Some of you will, some do not even know what I am talking/writing about and that is fine too....enjoy
Know the need to optimize your website. Doing SEO for your page helps search engines find it fast. This will improve its rank and bring more visitors to your website.
When you sit down to write an article, lot of things flash through your mind. However, if you are not paying attention to the SEO, the chances are that search engines will not find your page. The number of visitors to your page will be very less.
Everyone has a website and wants to write articles. How successful will the webpage be? It depends on the content and the presentation. Here is a look at how SEO helps your website perform better.
Wikinut moderators have a list of reasons why a Wikinut article should be rejected. Here are the most common reasons why an article has been rejected and what to do. You may note that the only change to your article that a Moderator can do is to move the category – all other change...
Elementary as it seems, designing a sales page is more difficult when one sits down to it. You have to keep the interest of the buyer within the page, right until he makes the payment and for some time beyond that too. Let us see how a good sales page sould be designed.
There will always be those who attack because of their own lack. this page is written because every piece I write is attacked by someone who is not even a member of this wonderful site...and it is only because today has been so difficult that my upset manifests through these vicious ...
I cannot begin to tell you how many times Wikinut moderators are asked "Why didn't my page get a star?" or "What can I do to get a star?". This is very frustrating to us, so I will try to explain how the moderation system works, and why some pages have stars and some do not.
April PAD Prompt from Writing Knights Bleed on the Page. Not a personal poem.
Online writing jobs are one the fastest growing forms of publication for freelance writers, but to be considered for a job, you must first have an online writing portfolio. This article will provide valuable tips on how to give your portfolio a jumpstart with a lot of page views.
Why the google earning are less? read the article to understand the reason.
feelings that a part of a book that is an empty page feels..
Part three of the series teaches you how to ride the flow of page views while managing other writing portfolios. This is very helpful to understand if you maintain work on several websites or blogs. Read to learn how to float with success.
Some writers may not feel that they are being fairly compensated for their work. This is a complaint that must be examined in a world where you commonly have "to pay to play." Find out the complicated path to being a professionally paid writer and the answer to the question: Do Writer...
I have lost track of the date when I first signed up on this site, but it is hard not to notice my progress as a Wikinut member.
Are you new to online writing? Have you ran into some difficulty trying to get published? Read about how to overcome minor difficulties related to website changes with online publishers that don't care about the writers. Learn how to take charge of your online writing future.
Do you manage several online writing portfolios on different websites? If so, then you can understand how challenging it can be to successfully manage all of these portfolios at once. This article shares why not to get caught up with vane page views when managing online writing portfo...
This is article #51 for me on the writing website, Wikinut. Read to find out why this is a milestone for me, as I share with you some observations that compare Wikinut to another paid to write site.
Many online writers want to know how to get those elusive page views. Some figure out the secret through trial-and-error, while many writers never learn the secret to writing an article that will generate a lot of page views. This article shares my secret to success.
I felt up to a challenge, and wanted to write an article on personal tastes...Poetry or articles? Reviews or 'How to' Guides....It is all down to whatever 'Floats your Boat'....
To be captured by words on a page, following the dance that they may lead you on, can be an exciting and seductive journey....
A random page that tells why it (this page) shouldn't even exist in the first place.
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