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Wikinut will stop paying - for now... But will we stop writing? Hopefully not! Much like the song about London Bridge - wikinut seems to be falling...
Update of my progress from 16 pages and 3200 page views on June 30, 2014 to September 22, 2015. My 658 days page views average of 400 views per page for my 17 pages at Wikinut.
Every writer has their own reason for churning out words. Why do you write? What is important to you?
A unique social network pays you to write short blogs and interact with other users.
Writing reviews can be a great way to earn cash online these days, especially with the rise of affiliate sites now online. But there are also some consumer product review sites which will pay you to write reviews for them. SoftwareJudge is one of these sites, and they even claim to pa...
I am always looking for great ways to earn online, writing is one of my favorite ways. Today I will be sharing info about a writing site I have not long ago joined called Day2DayTips. Read on and see if this sites sounds like a good one.
Some people's writing on writing sites like Wikinut, are awesome, yet they struggle to really earn the money they deserve. Here I have wrote an article which may just help these individuals get a little more money from the work that they are doing.
The internet has opened up the doors to many great writing and earning opportunities, here are some websites which will pay you to write online content for them and pay you into Paypal.
I currently write and post on three websites and love how they are very rewarding.
Bubblews has been around for two very long years now. It is a great place to meet other people from all over the world. This is the place to speak your mind as you see fit.
Are you looking for another paid-to-write revenue sharing site? Well, if you land on or receive an invitation for a site called, staying far away is our advice for you today.
This page is about Wordsofworth, a website which will pay you to write articles for them. With contracts, deadlines and regular contact, signing up for these is like really getting a new job.
Getting paid to write articles online is a very profitable career . In fact , I know many writers who are making at least $ 500 a day writing content for the Internet that have little or no experience in this field . Make money online as a writer has its many challenges , but it is no...
Revenue sharing writing sites online, have become much more popular these days for people making money on the internet. But people not only use them to make money, some people use them as communities they can interact and meet new friends. This page gives my experience writing for the...
This page is about greatcontent, a website which allows you to earn some money, for your written text.
This page tells you about Helium, a elite writing site, which pays you for your work.
This page is about List My Five, another writing platform online which allows you to earn money for writing.
This page tells you about RedGage, a social networking site, which pays you to write articles, and to social network.
List My five, another very easy to use website, get paid to write cute short lists on List my five website. You can publish automatically there and minimum words required is 125 so very easy and you can earn if you have good promotions skills on there.
This page is about Epinions, a site which pays you to write product reviews, and how my opinion of this site has changed in the last couple of months.
This page is about Zujava, a writing site similar to Hubpages and Squidoo but newer, a place you can get paid to write about your passions.
I take a little experience to get a paid domain and publishing articles at Bubblews. This website is like Wikinut. It pay writers. Some people say that Bubblews is Triond 2.
This page is about Dooyoo and Ciao and which site I think is best to work for and earn money at home.
This article is about ReviewStream the paid writing site
This article is about Shvoong a paid writing site which pays you for your work.
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