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A look at the alternative pain management options that are available today and are favored over traditional treatments.
A Poem about the mental side of society. Comments are open.
First aid is the best aid in unforeseen circumstances. You may not be aware when something goes wrong on your life journey. Accidents have become very common in our modern fast lifestyle. A first aid kit should be your best companion at any time.
Many migraineurs feel very alone in their still misunderstood suffering, My eldest daughter was one of them, but they are not alone. We have recently discovered that there are a number of support groups where migraine sufferers can find understanding, information resources, and encour...
An update on how my knee op is progressing, five weeks on and so far, so good.
My Week away from Wikinut, this is my diary of events and one very nearly disastrous visitor, but I still love her.
Emotion can feel good and sometime bad, we all in our way feel emotions, in these three poems I try to describe some emotions. and suffering.
Is it actually legal to buy painkillers online from a pharmacy without obtaining a prescription first? Are there any risks associated with doing this? What types of medications can you order?
This article discusses the recent increase use of prescription medications especially the abuse of painkillers. Make sure to know the facts before starting an stopping these dangerous drugs.
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