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We live in a society that has a low threshold for dealing with people who are elderly, sick or disabled.
this page talks about how leg pain is a hard time to many pregnant women, women need to be informed a lot so that they will be able to have a peaceful moment during pregnancy.
this page talks about how women go through hard times with leg pains during pregnancy
Cramps or also called cramps are sudden, brief, involuntary contractions of one or more skeletal muscles that occurs spontaneously and are extremely painful. Any voluntary muscle control can be achieved.
sometimes life ishard......more for a girl.........this is about when i realised my girls pains!!
Inspired by how people seem to obsess over little things that don't matter.
When you are down in the dumps and you are aching all over, that is only Satan trying to make you have a bad day. When he comes around tempting you to get down in the dumps with him, you have to do what God's word tells you to do.
In October of 2012 I had a heart attack. I wanted to touch base with everyone to tell you about my recovery from this earlier scare.
These are three inevitable pains in ones life's sojourn We all have to face identical ones some time or the other .. labour ..virginity ..death
As the year 2012 comes to its end I look back at the joys and sorrows that came my way.I thank the Giver of all blessings. Also for the blessings in disguise...
its a tale of an impoverished poor man and his strive to surpass his challenge.
Yes we all focus on the mother one can also appreciate the work and role of fathers.
"Doesn't everyone have this kind of pain?" Living with the painful foot problem. This is my story.
Explores and describes the difference between justice and revenge. Also looks at why vengeance is so appealing to those who have been hurt
People suffering from AIDS are not accepted as just another persons suffering from a lethal disease. They are looked down upon. A Cancer patient might get all the sympathies and prayers, then why not AIDS patients. They need us! They need our love & care not our anguish or ignorance. ...
Rosewood is used for making furniture and its oil also used for medicines and beauty products
Getting rid of pain in your body or energizing yourself when you are tired so that you can stay awake is easy to do using ancient Chinese Shiatsu methods.
Pain is so personal that at times we forget to share it with anyone,in a hope that we don't burden others.But we forget that sharing can help relieve our pain instantly.
Teenagers are feeling their way in the world towards adulthood, and it’s not easy at times.
If you have been experiencing pain in and around the knee area, you may have a meniscus tear.
A sore throat is a raw scratchy sensation that is very irritating and makes it hard to swallow. A Sore throat can cause problems with speaking and the most common cause is from prolonged shouting like at a foot ball game or screaming like you’re at a rock concert.
Laryngitis is an inflammation of the voice box or larynx. The larynx is located in the upper part of the throat by the wind pipe or trachea.
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