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A tutorial painting in oil medium, design for beginners and intermediate learners.
The continuation or second part tutorial painting in oil medium, design for beginners and intermediate learners.
A brief explanation on what Rocky is, where Rocky came from, and who created him.
Retrieve and transform old furniture is a great way to transform a room cheaply. Here, two bedside tables shabby wood was stacked, painted and revamped with legs and handles to create a super convenient style shabby chic .
Are you a painter, photographer or any other kind of artist? Follow me on this journey of creative challenges! Don’t get stuck in a “creator’s block”! Challenge number 2 is “COLORFUL”.
Photo beneath is a very famous “international figure” which has been and is still admired by a great number of art lovers. The model of the painting was Mona Lisa, and the portrait itself was painted by Leonardo da Vinci probably in 1504 or 1505. The masterpiece now belongs to the...
Beautiful, calming and relaxing art should be mandatory in institutions, hospitals and waiting rooms. Art is therapy.
This is a news write-up titled " Nutshell " - Media Column - Artist C.N.Karunakaran Passes Away by Williamsji Maveli
I've had this on my mind for a little while. It became somewhat of what I intended it to be. I guess I'll just leave it to the reader. Comments are open.
Slop it on painting with a bit of artistry thrown in
Just another one of my 'night time' writings. Seems I can get my thoughts flowing better then.
Affandi, a master painter in Indonesia. His works worldwide, even by some experts consider it one of the icon painters of the 20th century
These were written at a time where i indulged and experimented...
Artistic interpretation of a fascinating painting depicting hardship, innocence and destitution using an innovative array of colour and blend.
This is my only framed work to date. It was purchased as canvas/floating frame together. I love the finished work.
I did this in the spring in honour the blooms and blossoms. i love purple flowers and I love flowers that are not traditional.
I love the moon at night. When I was little and my father worked away, he always told me that it was his job to turn the moon on.
A painting that I did that reminded me of the church I knew growing up. It was famous for it's weeping willow on the front lawn.
Here is an abstract triptych that I love. The colours, title and fun in it make me smile.
I love blues and the sky and the idea of fantasy. These things mixed together inspired me to paint this blue scene of wonder.
This is the only painting I have that is off the beaten track as far as my goal of painting happy things! It is a bit dark and angry.
This is an oil painting inspired by my neice Lily and nephew Jax. It is meant to be a loving hug between two young siblings, looking at the stars dreaming together.
Three of my paintings that were on display at a winerly in West Kelowna called Little Straw. It was exciting to see them up and I loved hearing and seeing people's reactions to them. Friends support too!
This painting was done for a Winery. Hence, the title. I love painting and the joy that my paintings bring. The quote that states, 'Dance as if no one is watching..' is hard to apply to life. I feel that I can apply this to my art.
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