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The Razakars were an irregular force created by Pakistan to cow the Bengalis. They raped and killed till they were decimated by the Indian army
Pakistan is heading towards the revolution it has sought for decades. The time for the looters to leave and rulers to rule has come.
The battle of Bogra is important as the Pakistan Army for once in the eastern theater of the Bangladesh war put up a creditable fight against the Indian Army.
The memo gate scandal has brought out the rift between the army and the civilian government led by the Peoples party
From within the society, many voices rose against US drone strikes on the Tribal Areas of Pakistan but this time, Army has spoken !
General Harbaksh was Army commander Western Command in 1965. he was instrumental in arranging for a decisive fight back against Pakistan
General Musharraf seized power in a military coup, but his rule was marked by some revolutionary steps.It is a pity that he had to go as Pakistan is the loser and so is India.
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