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A piece of news sometimes brings us memories from afar that don't seem to relate to the news, but they do. This is what I thought of when I found out that her Majesty Elizabeth The Second was 90.
Moses and Aaron try to persuade pharaoh to let the descendants of Jacob go on a three day journey into the wilderness to worship the Lord.
South India with its unique culture has some marvellous places that tourists whether single or with family will enjoy immensely. Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu form a big triangle having wonderful palaces, gardens and zoos. Tourists especially prefer hill stations during summer month...
South India is an exotic tourist destination. It abounds in culture and diversity. Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala are South Indian states discussed here. Find tourist hotspots you should look for.
Why the Royal Palace in Madrid remains empty and what the visitor exclaimed after his friend┬┤s explaination.
This is the final edition of the series on the most beautiful cities. We have come a long way and scanning through wonderful and mouth watering sites which are good for tourists. And in the last two episodes, we made mention of 10 nice places around the world which are very attractive...
Visit Ukraine and see the genuity of a perfect blend between the Slavic and Soviet culture with new developments of modern and contemporary structures/cultures. Though not all cities but these ones.
Ranking most beautiful or more attractive or most tourist loving or even the most accommodating places of the world would largely always be subjective.
Madhya Pradesh is one of the Indian State where heritage and culture rules.
In other times here was just silence. The silence was broken occasionally by mild whispers of women , by the chirping of the birds , or by the crystalline sound of some musical instrument. But above all , was silence
Gambyong looks so beautiful, the dancer's name to the famous Surakarta Kesunanan environment. At the request of the sixth Pakubuwono Sinuhun, Gambyong when it's been performing in Surakarta Kesunanan environment. Since then, the dance was performed by Gambyong known as Tari Gambyong.
Sacred atmosphere surrounding the hall. When the nine dancers entered the hall, the atmosphere feels more powerful mystical. Every movement of the dancers depict the softness and the majesty of Javanese women ..
Gamelan sounds, graceful dancers, accompanied by the dim light, but it adds to the atmosphere full of beauty mystic
A poem that tells us not to leave our duty. We must do our duty well.
There were a living before us and we took a lot from them. We did not leave a piece for them. So we have to take the risk.
There is an ancient kingdom in my democratic country. How can be?
An idea on where humpty dumpty originated from, just a fun way at looking at the nursery rhyme.
Sumerian economy relied mainly on farming. Trade and industry also existed. Sumerians made woolen textiles, potters as well as metal-works.
This is my simple contribution in light poetry form to celebrate the Royal Wedding Day.
Short tale about a centipede that had a big job to do for his queen.
This is not only a famous building in London, it has a long, interesting story. Did you hear about the ghosts of the tower?
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