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A Short story about a profession which is risky but is an age old practice and is commonly seen in most parts of India. The professional has got consultants who never demand to be paid for their work and in turn are captivated and remain with their employer life long !
Indians believe in horoscopes, palmists, astrogers and fortune tellers. There is several ways to know our past and future. A robot will tell the pre recorded fortune to the enthusiasts on the roads of several major cities.
How we get money from our talents, how we can utilize our talents to earn money, i learned from my observation. Most of the people will be worrying about no jobs etc., they can earn through their talents rather i can say our talents will fetch money to us.
The character, and the future prospects, of President Obama are of great interest to people in the world today. The shape of the hand, and the lines on it, can convey a lot of information to the experienced reader. This article contains a reading taken in November/December 2008. How a...
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