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As the species tasked to be the co-creators, we should be more aware of injustices and the need to do more to make our journey truly fulfilling by moving towards inclusive society.
Despite our earnestness to bring about change we hit one road block after another due to the majority getting played out by a small minority with selfish interests. Let us keep the goal of inclusive growth and globalization in mind to march ahead.
We need to look at the right place for Weapons of Mass Destruction - within our minds, how we think and act. Let us sow the right seeds to reap peace.
Many times I suffered from swollen and very painful tonsils. Doctors always told me to go for removal of my tonsils. But I was against it. I knew tonsils are very essential body guards against the foreign pathogens. So I found my own remedy in garlic and now I never worry about my to...
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