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A paragraph is composed of several sentences dealing with the same subject.
This article gives the importance of Punctuation And Paragraph while writing
Now-a-days paragraph writing has become a major part of freelance writer's life. It is a good source of passive income. Better paragraphs can generate more revenue. So, here is a complete guide for paragraph writing.
Well, I wanted to write something. And this is what I did as just wrote whatever came out of my mind.
Are you experiencing the phenomenon called writer's block, even when you want to write at Wikinut? Let's make up our minds thus, each one of us: "There is no such thing as writer's block."
Emphasis is the principle of the paragraph composition in which the important ideas are made to stand. In here it is very important that the main points of the writer should be evident inside the paragraph.
The paragraph’s topic sentence is usually located at or near the beginning of the paragraph. However, even though most of the writers use to put the topic sentence in the beginning, it could also be placed in some transitional sentence in the middle or in the end of the paragraph as...
The paragraph development by examples is usually used to be able to illustrate with the generality of one extended example instead of illustrating the series of details. Through the use of development by examples, the clarity in the paragraph could be developed.
In the topic outline, the brief phrase or the single word are lettered and numbered to be able to establish the importance and orders of idea.
For chronological or time order, the write can use the words that tell time such as; such as first, second then,after,later and more.
In establishing emphasis by repetition, the idea is repeated in different words. This strategy usually impresses the readers more forcefully with what the writer is trying to say.
Another method or strategy of linking sentences inside the paragraph is by the means of parallel structure. It is done by the repetition of sentences patterns, words or phrases within the paragraph.
In this text I`ll be looking at writing from a rather creative perspective.
Contrary to popular belief, the print media, is not dead or dying. According to Magazines: The Power of Print, circulation and readership has increased dramatically over the past five years. According to the Simmons Multi-Media Engagement Study, “Magazines are the No. 1 medium of e...
I understand that Google is working hard on its online translation service for other languages to be translated to English language and English to other languages though we cannot expect a perfect translation from Google for a word, for a sentence or for the whole paragraph as Google ...
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