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For months after the big battle at Aliwal North, after the fighting between the Boer commandos and the British forces, in which several buildings were damaged one of which was the town hall which had been completely destroyed having taken a direct hit from British artillery fire...
Here is the strange story of Dawid van Schalkwyk, as told to me by his grandson Gideon van Schalkwyk who lived in Winburg in the Orange Free State, where his grand father was universally respected as an honest man.
She lied to me! Whaaaa! Oh well, it was amuzing... but in a scary way....
Current news about J.K.Rowling launching a website which is termed as "Mysterious"!
One of the most controversial challenges facing field archaeologists today is the identification of ritual activity in the prehistoric fossil record. In recent years, however, a number of cross-disciplined specialists with concentrations in psychology, religious studies, and ancient ...
Is Paranormal Activity one of the scariest films of all time, or is it all hype?
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