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Why be shy Parents separate owing to a variety of reasons..Why leave indelible marks on a progeny's mind
Day nursery or kindergarten introduces your child to children of the same age, new adults, and new set of discipline.
Parenting is a challenge and many parents are hurting because they are using parenting methods that involve punishment which is not effective at teaching what they want to teach..
TV presents their annual awards show honouring television programs and TV legend Betty White.
A monumental collection of poetry about the author's first child and beginning of parenting journey as well
A personal observation on an inanimate object children grow up with specially on their sleeping routine.
Every parent wants to be a perfect parent for their children but to be a perfect parent is impossible but there's a way to be a better parent and to be able to raise your child as a better person.
When you have a father raising his daughter, some things she learns might not be what mom would have taught her. These are a single father's suggestions.
As parents, you may want to consider on what to say or not to say to your non-parent friends. There are certain conversations can really wash your friendship down in tube.
Growing pains are a huge cause of changing child behavior. It is called changing child behavior simply for the fact that children are constantly changing. Parents, too. Read on to find some useful tips for managing child behavior problems.
Parents cry out for help. Having feelings of confusion, lack of knowledge, uncertainty, wonderment, shock and belief in the current educational system have many parents whirling in circles. Being asked by professionals, educators and people who have regular contact with their children...
As Dr. Keith Ablow has said, we are raising a generation of deluded narcissists. However, let's not act surprised, shall we? When was the last time you told your kid "no", or "you're wrong"?
This poem is about a father who had prayed to have another daughter after 19 years of not having one. His emotions are clearly expressed in this poem. This poem is also for all the men who had been waiting for the arrival of their daughters and sons.
This page addresses the sometimes complex and difficult questions parents need to ask themselves when dealing with older children. In particular, some parents experience difficulty when dealing with teens. It takes a look at how to deal with various aspects of teenagers' development a...
This page explores the sometimes complex relationship between parents and their children. It takes a look at how a lack of communication or a break down of this vital link between a parent and child can sometimes to lead the child becoming vulnerable, heading down the wrong path and h...
This article gives the importance of parenting and parenthood activities
This article shares a real incident about the modern parents who are very much involved with the modern gadgets.
Cloth diapers not only save you money on your new bundle of joy, but they are also so much healthier for your baby and the environment. Here's why:
Useful tips and tricks to soothe your crying baby.
A confident child is the child that goes on to conquer the world!
One thing that is quickly becoming rather popular among new parents is baby massage. Baby massage is so good for newborns and babies, and most people do not truly realize the benefits this offers. Read on to find the benefits of infant massage.
Parenting from the start of life continuing on into adult hood. When a child is born the joy begins with learning about the creation that is before you and what it will take to raise a positive child. The experiences of a life time.
As a mother of a teen with Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD, I was particularly interesting in keeping up-to-date on new research findings. Research that was unavailable when I was a lone-parent, trying my best to cope with very limited information about the condition. ...
What do you do when you are an early childhood educator, and you are the frequent observer of a non-compliant four year-old girl and a two year-old sibling? What can you do when it is obvious that the children control the family? Is it really any of our business when it is an ongoing...
This page is about taking care of elders. We must give our utter most to our parents
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