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Parenting tips and resources for single Teen parents to realize their responsibilities without too much stress.
Stressed about back to school? Here are some helpful hints for back to school shopping to avoid spending hundreds of necessary dollars on supplies that may not even be used.
What kind of baby stroller you need for your daily life?
One of the problems that parents seem to be bothered by the most is their kids fighting. This article gives some of the main reasons children fight and tips for preventing and handling the fighting.
Parenting is a challenge and many parents are hurting because they are using parenting methods that involve punishment which is not effective at teaching what they want to teach..
Parenting is a hardwork. Raising kids to adulthood and maintaining a good connection with teens can be challenging provided that parents are facing many pressures too. Although the priviledge of having kids are difficult task, it is very gratifying and rewarding. Here are some advise ...
The grocery store served as a classroom for a young mother and her child. I was blessed to have witnessed a wonderful, thoughtful and fast thinking mother in action. At the same time, I observed how well we culturally "wait our turn".
There are few things more frightening for parents than violence, but they are not completely helpless. Here are some tips for long term prevention of violence.
OK MUMMIES, I AM GOING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING THAT WILL START SAVING YOU TIME AND SANITY, EACH AND EVERY DAY!!! ** Don't be afraid to give your little one some responsibility, things like picking up their toys, helping to put canned goods into the pantry on grocery day, WILL NOT hurt ...
Parenting is crucial. Too much allowance and children become spoiled, too much strictness and they become rebellious. Here are the list of things on how to avoid complications with your little ones:
Each of us is a unique individual. This means our children are their own person as well. Learning to treat them as such and parenting them each in a unique way can lead to a happier home and stronger more trusting relationships between parents and their children. These are a few th...
It can be a hard line to walk, being the friend that your child will pour their heart out to, and being the parent that keeps firm rules, but it can be done. Check through this list to see which parenting skills you all ready have and which ones you may need to work on.
The first of my Wonderful Birth Giver blogs to help unite all moms. Remember the moment you became a Wonderful Birth Giver for the first time? The joy you felt and the fear of the unknown. To the new Wonderful Birth Givers, that feeling never goes away and enjoy it! To all the newly e...
Every parent wants to be a perfect parent for their children but to be a perfect parent is impossible but there's a way to be a better parent and to be able to raise your child as a better person.
It is important to spend one on one time with our children. In order to have the time, I created parent child date.
Preschoolers absorb their environment. Read some tips to positively influence their daily lives.
A Parent's Prayer: Dear Lord: Please give me the Strength of an ox, Patience of a saint, Memory of an elephant, Wisdom of a psychic .
Everyone who is a parent, or who is planning on becoming a parent, should be concerned with the environment and interested in improving the environment for the future of our children. Learn how you can make the planet a better place.
An important part of parenting is to encourage good character traits in your teenager. Sportsmanship is one such trait and here are some tips on how to your teenager about this.
When you have a father raising his daughter, some things she learns might not be what mom would have taught her. These are a single father's suggestions.
If you would like to take up the best pediatric services for your child, kindly read my article
Being the parent of an autistic child is not easy. Learn how to help parents of autistic children cope with the stresses of having a child with disabilities.
Parents are outraged because they say their children are being sent home with "fat letters," or notes explaining that their children are considered obese. Not just in Florida now, Public Health Departments are teaming up with local schools in an effort to stave off obesity early.
There are a lot of people who are willing to offer parenting advise even where it is unnecessary. Friends and family members are inclusive. Some degree of gratitude and an in-depth evaluation of these advice is my surest way of handling such situation.
Hello everybody !Thanks for stopping by.I am going to tell you the main thing about good parenting.It's not about saying how much you love your kids but it is about something more important.
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