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“The law of the Union is ever growing and it seems now certain that, with the terms law of the Union, we refer not to a specific domain of the law but to a legislative and jurisprudential setting similar to that of a State.”(1) This introduction underlines the existence of a se...
Jack Abramoff's story shows that the most efficient lobbying strategy during his career consisted in “owning” the public sphere without actually being part of it.(1) However, the borders between lobbying and politics became blurred. New perspectives arose. New methods were develop...
I recently entered the world of responsible gambling.
A year ago, I experienced the most painful thing and I just felt like writing it here to finally release and let go of it.
The search begins anew for a love. When one is lost, another must be found, as we are creatures in need of love!
Dedicated to my old best friend on letting him go even though I still care for him a lot.
My review of the game Assassin's Creed 2, the second part which Assassin's Order and Templars are fighting each other to find the piece of Eden or what they call the Apple.
Short Joke: Homework Joke - The Trains Are Always Late "Dialog" Joke Joke - A Sentence That Starts with "I" Joke - Will I Be Able to Play the Piano? Joke - School Teacher's Note Joke - Tenses Joke - Factory Workers Laugh
April PAD Challenge Day 14 from Robert Brewer write a sonnet. This sonnet can be a rhyming or non rhyming 14 lines. This one is non rhyming.
The final entry in this series. Charles comes to the end of his endless reflections.
Part five of the series. Duncan betrays a possible weakness.
Part four of the series. Duncan explains some of his plan.
Part two of the short story series I'm writing. Charles's brother elaborates on his reasons for renewing contact.
Here is the continuation of "The Truth Within - The Beginning". You can find the first part here:
Off of the art by my friend Cassia on Deviant Art with the same title
Another older romantic poem about a past love and how he felt still a part of me.
Another older romantic poem about being a part of someone.
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