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For those of us that live in democratic regimes it is easy to recognise the faults in the system, it is much harder to do anything to resolve it. People cry about this failure, yet at the same time do not vote, this failure to vote is a hue and cry for greater democracy - the need for...
Active participation in physical education provides necessary knowledge and experiences for career selection.
this page talks about the way persons living with disabilities are poorly presented, portrayed and how they don't get a good chance to participate in the media
Man's survival on Earth is tied to the Ecosystem and as such must be harnessed and conserved through; (1) Change of attitudes from ill-will to good will in the way we impact on the ecosystem. (2) Awareness of the importance of ecosystem to life. (3) Knowledge and understanding on h...
Progress in a country of our size and diversity depends on the participation of all sections of the people. This is possible only in democracy. But for democracy to have meaning, it must be becked by socialism which promises economic justice and secularism which gives social equality....
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