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I used to support a multi party system, but I'm starting to wonder if it really sorts out problems and satisfies people's aims and needs.
Christmas time for families always seem to make the news in some way or another. Thus, I thought I would write up my own fictional news story about a family around holiday events, times, and places.
Easter is the festival celebrated by Christians all over the world, commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus. Does Easter mean eating and collecting Easter eggs? Does Easter end with the rituals or ceremonies that accompany the days – Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter? Is there any...
Recent election results for Delhi assembly and its implications
We are what we eat and, therefore, we're to watch what we eat. We don't want to be slim because it's more attractive, but simply because it's healthy.
Common sense and a certain austerity should be key over the Christmas celebrations.
Chloe and Sophie had been friends since they were babies, until Mike came along. Read on to find out what happened
Don´t be sorry to add up one more year on you, because others won´t be this lucky to celebrate their birthday.
Why January is an uphill month and it´s a month to enjoy even though the so called festive season has ended.
Who are you? you are just one more girl who is looking for acceptance, looking to belong. You will do what it takes to fit in because most of your young life, you were the odd one the one that never fit anywhere.
A tongue in cheek romp round the pitfalls and protocols of hosting a children’s party.
I recently saw the film The Great Gatsby It was an adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925 . Read on to find out more about it.
Food allergies are on the increase. People always complain about allergies from foods they get from stores. Modern food style of processed foods and fast foods creates more opportunities for allergies. Many of these allergies are just prejudices. Let us hope the New Year may have food...
Avoid weight gain after drinking cocktails, so follow these tips not gain weight after consuming cocktails in parties
Do you know that the calories are having in different cocktails, here is the list for your information
This article gives the importance of Party Celebrations
World Chocolate Day is celebrated on 4th September. National Chocolate Day is celebrated on 28th October. Dates of this sweet celebrations vary due to occasions and countries. But it is good to think of its benefits at any time.
Is there something special about hostel life???????? Some gossips, midnight birthday parties,friend's love n' care, beauty tips, hugs n' cries, Facebook chatting, and so on..the list never ends...........
Summer is the season of more light and activities. It is the season of outdoor fun and joy. Even if the darkness falls after sunset, you may extend your summer fun with outdoor lights. Add some more light to summer nights and make it more joyful.
Teens taking the movie "Project X' to seriously and causing more damage than they thought would happen!
Planning a kids party may seem a bit daunting at first, but with a few ideas, and some careful planning, you can see your party go off without a hitch!
If you looking for some recipes for alcoholic beverages here some for you to try.
As 2012 approaches, it brings with it new hopes and aspirations for everyone. Read on to find out more.
Planning on doing things for New Years Eve. Here are some things to know if you are planning to go out or staying home.
Burns Night Party and Invitation Ideas Celebrate Robert Burns birthday with haggis, neeps and tatties on 25th January, and invite your guests to ....
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