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It would be silly , if I started my article asking "Have you ever travelled on a flight ?" There may be a very few who haven't done that in the present day.As it has also become a necessity now a days than a luxury. But, there are also certain bitter experiences with it , which I wo...
. In fact, in many countries, the safety demo is made by creative as possible, so that the passengers are interested in attention.
Hidden mechanical issues, revamped junkyard cars, crashes involving fatalities, death by vehicle, and other mishaps can all lead to a jinxed or haunted vehicle that has a life of its own; possibly injuring or even killing the death machines new owner.
Only on foot, travelling would be the cheapest way to travel.
As we age and are about to leave the stage..We all are miniscule specks of time's insemination just to help the selfish gene
Here are documented saga of courage and heroism displayed by seafarers during abnormal times at sea.
I have wasted many opportunities to say kind words to someone in the past and regretted later. Today I did not want to miss the opportunity given to me.
This is a review article about Virgin Atlantic Airlines. I have been a passenger three times with Virgin.
Mr Sudarshan shetty a resident of Mumbai made a scrap double decker bus as art piece for the public of Mumbai , the bus will not move any where ,but any one can view the Mumbai city in the bus itself
My home town has a population that is generally appreciative of the public transport system.
This is a litany and twisted tips on handling unruly, and sometimes unethical public utility vehicles passengers. Though appealing to the humor of the reader, I take the ethical issues in public seriously.
Gareth Gates has proved himself very versatile over thet last 10 years, and is now soon to be entertaining 2,000 lucky people on a cruise ship.
Do you think you can eat breakfast twice a day? Check this out to have breakfast twice a day...
Memories do not fail that easily.Sure most people who lived in our colony living in some part of the globe will recall this beauty.
The city of Mobile has a fire station that has a contract with the Mobile Airport located on Airport Boulevard in west Mobile. The firefighters at this fire station are trained specifically in evacuation of passengers and firefighting in aircraft emergencies.
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