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This is a poem about my wife's Aunt who was the last one of her parents generation to pass.
All fade away..We all are twinkling in the dust of time Soon the dust is swayed into the far distance as there remains no vision
This article is about the rites surrounding the basic turning points in life: birth death and initiation. I dedicate this article to my Wikinut friend, Bronnamdi, who has recently lost his beloved father.
An old lady gets upset with her stubborn husband who won't speak to her when he's mad at her.
The passing of a loved one can come as a blow, even when we are fully expecting it happen. Having a few coping strategies can help to soften the pain
My wife's grandma, whom I had only visited on two occasions prior to her death the day before, had lived on the old the family farm in "Weenen ("Place of crying"), Kwa Zulu Natal S.A., the site of many clashes between the Boers and Shaka's warriors in 1833 and later skirmishes with ...
Death can affect us all but what if we had the chance to say goodbye or to have another moment with our loved ones.
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