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Some loves come, some go, but others stay forever in our hearts. Even if life takes them far apart the love will remain, everlasting in the hearts, for that kind of love will never be forgotten.
All fade away..We all are twinkling in the dust of time Soon the dust is swayed into the far distance as there remains no vision
Bit by bit with passion.Across the Internet I have so far observed man\s nay womens obsession with sex takes most of our times..And I also endorse it as natural Why should we else walk this way can you say?
A poem written by me about the elusiveness of time and closure.
It seems that the art of "piddling" is predominantly a male thing and might even be genetic. I've been married to a bona fide piddler for more than 40 years and so far, have been unable to actually piddle at anything myself.
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