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A representation of wishful thinking, of hope for brighter days to come, for winter's frozen embrace to leave us and for the bloom of beautiful spring days to shower our days with color.
All fade away..We all are twinkling in the dust of time Soon the dust is swayed into the far distance as there remains no vision
Regions devoid of writing and poetry may be rich, but is barren in a way.Noble thoughts and words live on beyond the times.
A poem written in a darker mood, brought love and pain to a brand new level.
Bit by bit with passion.Across the Internet I have so far observed man\s nay womens obsession with sex takes most of our times..And I also endorse it as natural Why should we else walk this way can you say?
Discovering each other within a physical relationship can be a journey of pure delight..Senses igniting as passion flares..A Valentine inspired poem for Lovers both young or old.. Keep the inner fires burning..
A Poem about passion and love in the night. Feel the real power of love and passion after reading this.
Scent of a warm body, a perfume so unique to each individual...Intimate, sensual, as you breathe it in...can bring comfort and arouse such passion... Just a kiss, a touch, and feel the senses ignite....
Without passion you do not have energy, with out energy you have nothing. This idiom itself defines the word passion. Furthermore, to shed some more light on Passion, it is an emotion, which in actual does not have a specific definition since it is not dependent on words
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