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The philosophy of man & woman being born as earth soul mate companions.
Are you Living on Purpose or going through the motion of expectation and perceived responsibility, like most of the world? The key to connecting to our true purpose is recovering our I-Am-Ness - that which we were born with, including creativity.
This article will enable you as an entrepreneur to have a clear understanding of the steps that are involved in establishing your own Beauty and Wellness Business.
Remembering a past love whose memories have stood the test of time
Religious Sex, compromising passion, habit forming sweat
Wikinut has announced it will not be paying for content posted meaning all users will stop earning revenue from the site. This news comes out of the blue as payments made were more of an encouragement than rewarding. Hopefully, matters will turn around soon so that we continue to have...
An Overview of the Influence of Scent upon Human Sexual Behavior.
Our inner yearnings are clear from time immemorial though we are blinded by those that that prove fleeting leading to Pyrrhic victories at most. Peace is eminently attainable with nature and other species showing the way and history is our teacher. Let us sit together to chart our pa...
Yes, even when others try to tell us otherwise, we deserve the best.
Listen to the inner voice for passion, guidance and encouragement. We have to move on with a spirit of inquiry to better our lot and by playing our role as co-creators. Our quest for an inclusive ride will soothe the nerves of those who feel left out and even encourage them to join th...
We are what we choose to be, if we think ourselves too old, too bitter, too tired...then we can choose something else.
Young soul, don´t be afraid of enjoying this little gift
...enjoy our love affair. my voluptuousness is all yours... Love me tonight my love... -erotic story of an unstoppable fantasy-
Every one of us has a unique physique and personality traits needing equally and matching unique prescriptions for personality development. Still, it is worth to investigate, understand and adopt some general issues of personality development.
‘Lover’ and ‘beloved’ are the two secondary words derived from ‘love’, and I take them as indicative of psychological process that goes on in the minds of the two in love. These words tell us that out of the partners, one is the lover and the other plays the role of belove...
Love is in the interactions you have with people, in the job you do with a liking, in the food you take with taste, in the nature you breath in the early morning, in your body as good health, and most importantly, love is in a care in pains, share in pleasures and sex-play you have wi...
I present these last few love poems. I am not a poet but sometimes I just get the urge to try my hand at poetry.
In this article, I look to describe my personal connection with the word 'resilience.' Specifically, I detail my life's journey so far, discussing what gives me my drive to move forward, and steps I've taken to achieve my dreams.
Live for yourself. Never let anyone change how you are or what you want to be. Never give up on your dreams. As long as, you are not hurting anyone, it is alright to hold onto your dreams. I wrote this poem after I started writing again.
Alliance In Motion Global is a branch of multi-level marketing which offers financial breakthrough to its distributors. All needed to do is to invest into AIM Global and earn oneself a life-time earning directly into ones bank account. AIM Global offers, no sale target, no demotion, n...
Marriage is a sacred union, and sex should be kept in that state, but too often we have sex outside of marriage without thinking of the consequences to the lust we fulfill!
What involvement can be as political “passion”; what drives political passions in people, and what people need to understand about the nature of politics.
I've written this for all the men who have a genuine desire to understand women and for all the women who would love men to understand them.
Welcome to the world of Chihuly the artist, the effulgent genius that echoes--reverberates--creativity, expression, fantasy against the perfectionism that deems to dominate our thoughts, ideas, and stop them before they are realized. How can we find the cork to our fear and release i...
I started my passion of writing few years back, but increased my pace only in the last year. Now my dream of achieving 5000 articles in the internet world is gaining momentum and i know that i will achieve this dream of mine one day for sure and just hope that i reach this goal fast
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