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Government of Antigua is providing a citizenship investment program to foreigners, by which they can easily obtain the citizenship by paying a donation of about $250000 or by putting an amount of $400000 in its real estate business.
This is a true account, but I will not give any details because it is about my boyfriend, and he likes that the least information possible be given out on the Internet about his origin etc.
Planning your trip requires a lot of preparation which includes processing the visa, reservation of accommodation in hotel, ticket, and so on. Proper planning is the key to a hassle-free trip.
Aside from Saudi nationals, expatriates can also avail credit cards. Now mostly of the banks in Saudi Arabia are open and willing to issue credit cards to non-Saudis too after they submitted copies of the requirements needed such as iqama, passport and certificate of monthly pay.
Planning your travel is the first and foremost activity before a scheduled trip whether it is for business or personal purposes. Here are some tips on planning, and a list of essential things to bring.
As part of my son’s preparation to leave for Brazil he needed the Yellow Fever vaccination, which he received at our Physician’s office. After leaving we received an email from him that he hadn’t received the proper documentation for the vaccination and wouldn’t be able to go...
There is a part of us that just wants to get out there for a nice vacation. Taking yourself to that far away destination can be a great idea however; there are few things we can do to make it a little better for us in the long run especially if we are going to another country.
Be sure to have an up to date photo in your passport. One day, you may need it.
The amazing experience of my first travel abroad. Flying for the first time is itself a thrill and to Brisbane via Singapore is even more exciting experience. I just want to share how I manage to get my passport and visa for this travel.
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