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remembrance of what could have been with a lost love that still seems to linger like the wind. looking to the future with hope but still longing for what might have been.
An old man walks in green fields and wonders where time has gone. It went so quickly he hardly noticed. So come and sit with him and see his life many years ago.
Ever had someone control everything you do,manipulate you into thinking it was all you're fault.???????????Somethings and people better left behind.
Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. A Love Poetry through the memory lane
Somewhere down the road, someone from the past returned with the promise of new love. Would you rather accept him or decline his undying pledge of love for you? His name is Hajie and her name is Maria. Would they fall in love again or would it be another love story in despair?
As I look back a beautiful and hopeful memory in the past, I learned that time is so powerful...
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