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An old man walks in green fields and wonders where time has gone. It went so quickly he hardly noticed. So come and sit with him and see his life many years ago.
Looking back into the past can be an interesting thing to do
Password is sacred words alias keywords you should remember, but sometimes we forget our passwords.
On a few minutes, Dara managed to give a very important lesson to an old classmate of hers.
Music, memories, life sitting on the grass, smiling young.
This article explains my personal experience in completely putting my past romance behind me.
A wishful thought I learnt in time It never begins nor ends any where. We all are children of a fate That time usurps and we forbear.
A creative nonfiction piece which it took me a long time to write. Now that it's down on paper it's easier to let go, so I'm posting it here.
There comes a time for each of us when we need to let go of past regrets and sorrows , and move forward into the new day of tomorrow' s gain...
The past, a ghost for some, for others a teacher. Living in the past is not good, but live without knowing the past is worse. The past, a ghost for some, for others a teacher.
Reflecting on the past year and how it has been :)
Nick Peters was an average teen who has a routine for jokes and pranks. Nothing else matters to him. His only goal is to impress his friends. But then it all change when a new girl went to his school and apparently is the same class as him. With love at first sight, the boy's heart go...
There are so many places that once were filled with love, now left to fall into dismay
This article is about Living In Past which is merely waste of time
This page is about Cherishing the Past to get refreshment
there are times, when we just cant do anything to change what we dont like in our life...that is the time when we decide to just go with the flow and sometimes, the pain is so casual that we are okay to go on with it for a long long time....sometimes you just give in and give
poem about wondering what being together is all about and having expectations change as time passes by and remembering how everything started
This page is about living our life in present. Past is gone and future is unexpected, so live your life in the present time to enjoy it a lot.
It's fun to think of the past. Especially in this time of uncertainty and dispair. When you feel insecure and alone you can find comfort reminiscing with past friends and family. Today with internet and websites like Face book, it is easy to find someone you knew from High School...
This is a wake up call to all grown-ups. GROW UP! Your choices and actions are your responsibiltiy.
What was once part of our early Industrial revolution, is now a form of sedate pleasure. Let's take time out, and immerse ourselves in the Past... An observers view of life on the Canals of England...
In every adult, no matter the age, is that little boy or girl that we used to be. It was a time of innocence, each day a new adventure, each year, a lifetime away...We lived for the pure joy of living, of facing each new day....Where did that child go, before life intervened and made ...
I am already in my 50s but the memories of my past life are still haunting me though they are exciting and memorable. Those times I was swimming with friends at the white beaches: it was so alluring to feel, to touch and feel the sea breeze on my body and met beautiful young women of ...
Life has become faster! Everything on the fast tracks! No time to stop and listen, all mechanic and automatic!
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