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An old man walks in green fields and wonders where time has gone. It went so quickly he hardly noticed. So come and sit with him and see his life many years ago.
Taking a look a an old park that was one my playground, helping builders mix cement and doing odd jobs. Sitting with the London County Council workers are they built a park in a housing estate.
Yep, a trip down memory lane sounds sweet, now that I'm visiting the old school again where I've been to school so many years ago. But how will I find the experience?
This poem deals with the ups and downs of life, falling in and out of love and re-birth. Like the phoenix emerges from the ashes, so should those who have been let down by love in life, for it is not the end.
Ever had someone control everything you do,manipulate you into thinking it was all you're fault.???????????Somethings and people better left behind.
A wishful thought I learnt in time It never begins nor ends any where. We all are children of a fate That time usurps and we forbear.
A lonely old man cannot get over the loss of his lovely wife. He has nobody to talk to so he talks to his wife hoping she can hear him from heaven.
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