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When a sting or bite from an insect occurs it is always good to get to a doctor or go to a hospital if one is allergic to the venom. (Oh I hate that word 'venom'.) It is just what makes one sick or debilitated if bit or stung; when a victim is allergic to the venom. What does one do...
I have tried a simple recipe with the combination of three different types of leaves. Just try this, you too will like it.
Cashew is famous snack used in Indian cuisine as a paste or as nuts. Paste is mostly used to enrich the gravy.
Poetry: A father's little girl, and her, first day of school, with a sudden and deadly twist be sure you do not miss.
Sharing is a pleasure to me. Cooking is a hobby. You may try with my experiements.
This post is more like a help request, not an advice or information.
So you are lazy again? :) I give you an example of an essay which covers a topic "It is important that people choose a career when they are still quite young". Remember, copy-paste does not really make you smarter :)
This is a 5 minute recipe for an evening chocolate snack!
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