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I am a patient, laid back person who goes with life instead of against it, or I would love and like to think that I am. Indeed, though, by no means am I passive or even close to it. Rather, temperateness and aliveness works for me better than being totally passive and "cooperative" or...
Sometimes, like anyone, I get a hot, temperate head on my shoulders that has to be tempered with patience, understanding and tolerance of all situations. But, I do not let my rage get the best of me inwardly or outwardly, and I use that expression to my advantage also, here is how:
Are you looking for quick results? If you are, you will most likely be wasting a lot of time. There is a more reliable way of reaching your goal and that is with patience.
This document is about money, value and gaining money and value. That is it.
Patience and the benefits. How to be patient and live life one day at a time
Hard work is key in accomplishing the goals of a meaningful life. It is the door that leads to all good fruits in the service of God. Hard work brings about the blessings that our labor in the vineyard always bring. I have heard it said over and over agin that there is always room at ...
Life is so beautiful, at times we get so occupied with things that don't really matter, and we lose focus on the things that really count. Take steps to live a more productive life, you still have time.
This poem relates to a very senior poet who can not tolerate another religion god besides...
Someone once said that patience is a virtue. What exactly is patience? Is it something we learn? Is it something that we inherit from our parents? Is it something that some people have and some don't? Is patience the answer to many of life's problems. What about impatience? How is i...
This page is about the importance of patience which is a great virtue
The poem is about ourselves and surroundings to think about myself and environment.
Slamming your work down on your boss's desk is hardly going to endear you to them is it. Neither is walking outwith a job incomplete. Some people seem to think that life is all about them, yet sometimes it is important to take the rough with the smooth.
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